Saturday, February 11, 2012

My 6 Years In Animation Industry

Danial (Animatrix Sdn. Bhd for RTM - Malaysia)
as Background Artist Leader / 2D Animator (2006)

Hostel Blues (Animatrix Sdn. Bhd for RTM- Malaysia)
as 2D Animator (2007)

CJ The DJ (Vision Animation Sdn. Bhd for ABC - Australia) 
as 2D Animator (2008)

Commander Clark (Inspidea Sdn. Bhd. for Go-N Production - France) 
as 2D Animator (2009)

Pet Squad (Inspidea Sdn. Bhd. for Darral Maqqueen - UK + Canada)
as 2D Animator (2010) 

Arjun and the Adventures of the Ice Lotus (Inspidea Sdn. Bhd. for Cartoon Network) 
as Layout Artist (2010)

Johnny Bravo Goes to Bollywood (Inspidea Sdn. Bhd. for Cartoon Network)
 as Animation Team Leader & Senior Animator (2010)

 Cha-Ching (Inspidea Sdn. Bhd. for Cartoon Network)
 as Animation Team Leader & Senior Animator (2011)

Bat Pat Episode Pilot/Trailer (Inspidea Sdn. Bhd. for Atlantyca - Italy)
as Animation Team Leader & Senior Animator (2011)

Summer Camp/ Where’s Flapacha (Inspidea Sdn. Bhd. for Xilam - France)
as Animation Team Leader & Senior Animator (2011)
& Layout Animation Checker (2012)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Animation Showreel

Here are some scenes & animation projects i have done for animation studios & some of my personal works, for almost 6 years now, from 2006 until present, 2012.

Animation projects includes:
Danial & Hostel Blues (Animatrix Sdn Bhd)
CJ the DJ (Vision Animation Sdn Bhd + Australian Broadcasting Company)
Commander Clark (Inspidea Sdn Bhd + Go-N Production), 
Pet Squad (Inspidea Sdn Bhd + Darral Maqqueen), 
Johnny Bravo Goes to Bollywood (Inspidea Sdn Bhd + Cartoon Network)
Kijiya Unfinished Trailer (Gempakstarz)
plus others personal work.

Allright reserved. All Copyright are the property of their respective owners.
Thank You for watching! :)


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