Monday, February 1, 2010

About Me

Hi guys! Welcome to my Portfolio Blog!

I'm Hami; a freelance graphic designer open to contract and part time employment. Being a design geek, my passion is creating unique graphic designs, illustrations, and art from my original artwork.

Previously known as Dr.Frix, I was once a family member of the Bangkit Artgroup. After almost 3 years, I'm backing off from the group and wanna give hundred percent focus in my animation career. But an artist still an artist ( heh..!) I'm still wanna cari duit by selling my own artworks. I'm doing graphic, multimedia, illustration, animation and many name it...insyaallah I can do it ;p

I am also an artist in many other medias, being a traditional artist as well as digital artist. Currently, I'm working full-time in an animation studio called, Inspidea Sdn. Bhd in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Thank you for visiting my portfolio website showcasing most of my works; from manual to digital illustrations, graphic designs, flash animations etc.

You can also see my previous artwork here at;
Or you can drop by & say hello at :)

me & my friends from BIMA

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